Poblet's Monastery Master plan
Poblet's Monastery Main cloister
Poblet's Monastery Monks' dormitory
Poblet's Monastery Access
Poblet's church . . . . The new Metzler organ
Santa Maria del mar Basilical Improvement of the roof access
Santa Maria del mar Basilical Restoration of the Born door
Basílica Santa Maria del mar Restauration of the East facade
Hospital Sant Pau Restaurations
Master plan for the old Tabacalera
Sentmenat's castle
Complete renovation and addicional level in housing building in Eixample district
Rehabilitation of the old Hotel Princep in Cambrils
House in Formentera
Rehabilitation " la Peña" house in Biescas
Rehabilitation of the "Grenets" house in Chartres
Housing in Biescas
Collective housing in Reus
House in Vallirana
Shop' concept
Pati de flors
Casa Decor